6 New Ways to Improve Your Customer Service in 2020

Updated: Mar 11

1. Allow customers to contact you through social media.

Allowing clients/customers to contact you through social media is now one of the best customer service improvements. Most people have social media and are on it constantly throughout the day. You can have a designated person/ CSR to manage the social page with the real-time response or within 24 hour response time. It is a great platform for connecting with customers. This can also increase customer satisfaction as well.

2. Real-time support.

Real-time support is another good customer service support. This is mainly for live chats on your main webpage/platform for the customers to see. This lets them know you are always there for them, and giving an opportunity for you to be reached just not by phone or email. This helps solve customer problems in a timely manner. Also, improve your response time. This is also very convenient for the customer. This is another way to boost customer engagement and satisfaction as well.

3. Seek customer feedback.

Seeking customer's feedback is a great way to know if your customers are really happy with services, and your products. You must understand your customers before properly servicing them. You want your potential customers to be able to post their feedback on all platforms. Customer feedback can be simply from a phone call to the customer, email survey too. Feedback makes the customers feel important and helps your business with good benefits to their feedback. Take advantage of negative feedback, this way you grow from the bad and the business does not get hurt from any potential upcoming negative reviews. No one runs a perfect business. Reply to the customer in the way they want.

4. Incentive programs for clients - customers love freebies and incentives!

You can start a referral program, this refers your business to other friends, family coworkers in return for a small incentive. The incentive can be a small as a 5% discount. Start a loyal customer program where they save on services for signing up on a membership that has exclusive offers, discounts, and even events your company may have.

5. Empowered customer service representatives.

Share knowledge with your customers. Reach out to the customers to let them know you are there for them at any time for a“curiosity call.” Set a mission for your customer service representatives. Ensure everyone on your customer service team is on the same page and knows exactly what the company is looking for. Point them in the right direction. Customer service representatives that are not sure what they are to do, are likely to fail and not feel empowered to take any charge or have any organization. Extend additional training to your customer service representatives. This allows for making better/smarter decisions for the business. “A successful team should receive constant reinforcement of best practices and procedures from their leaders.” Have processes and procedures in place for your customer service representatives. Allow your customer service representative to give you feedback as well. Make sure your team is always ready for change and open to learning.

6. Stay Trendy

Keep up with the latest trends that are going around. See exactly what customers are looking for now in the world. Blend your company to be domestic and even interaction for customer service. Multiply efficiency with better technical questioning and technology period. Use your social media platform as your management tool.

Customer service is vital in this world of transactional customer and business relationships. As a business owner, you have something technology will never have which is the ability to make a personal human connection with those who purchase your product/service. It is worth the investment to have someone on your team to can ensure your customer's expectations are exceeded.

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