Benefits of Going Virtual

Today we live in an era where the world as we know is changing. We are living in a technology driven time that allows a lot of the life we live and the things we do to be done, without actually having to leave our homes...crazy right?!

A lot of business owners are currently faced with the decision to consider adapting to this new technology take over and even consider hiring someone virtually to assist them in running their business. Alot of apprehesion has been built around this idea but I hope this article can give you a different perspective. Below I have incorporated some benefits of hiring a Virtual Executive Assistant for your business.

Helps you grow your business

Hiring a virtual assistant can help grow your business even before you are able to commit to hiring any staff in house. Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to get the help needed with the tasks that take away from you being able to generate new business. From having a VA put together reports for clients, post listings on different websites, do research, and spend time looking for the best deal from vendors. To even e-mailing while your out of the office. Having a VA allows you to be able to delegate the tasks that take up a large chunk of you time.

Allows you to focus on more specialized tasks

Using a virtual assistant takes the routine work off your plate.Things like posting and engaging on social media, handling emails, and creating simple graphics for a blog needs to be done; although it is quite straight forward. Giving this work to a VA allows you to focus on more specialized tasks, such as creating content, recording videos, and building relationships with influencers. Many have witnessed a higher ROI, in time and revenue, since hiring a VA for their business. Simply because it allows the ability to focus on the core operations of the business. Hiring a VA allows the ability to focus on the core operations of the business.  VAs can provide personal as well as administrative support, allowing more time to focus on the most crucial aspects of running a business. One of the main benefits of a virtual assistant is the ability to delegate the repetitive work to them. This will provide a tremendous competitive advantage ...if you know how to utilize it.

Allow you to work efficiently at lesser costs

There are many benefits to using a virtual assistant. Most companies are embracing the fully remote team structure so having virtual assistants allows them to work efficiently and effectively without having to spend money on physical office space. Having virtual assistants has allowed many to start a company and stay lean to keep costs down.

Peace of mind

Let's say someone has a day job that is separate from their company that they run on the side, they are not really ever able to answer calls or complete tasks that pile up during the day. Before considering hiring a VA they would to have to do it all along with their day job. Once hiring a Virtual Assistant, they do not having to worry about letting calls go to voicemail during the day. It’s really more about the peace of mind that it provides knowing they are going to actually speak to a real person that has a good understanding of the business, how to answer client questions, and schedule meetings if a prospect shows that they are a quality lead.

Get Back to Doing What You Love

As a business owner, the workload can often become so overwhelming that you no longer have the time to partake in the aspects you love about the company. By hiring a virtual assistant, you are able to delegate the busy work/ routine tasks and get back to doing what you love. Having the extra support of a VA will free up several valuable hours a day, allowing you to focus on the more important aspect of the business, like ensuring overall growth and tending to your staff. Virtual assistants are also generally very flexible in terms of hours worked and skill set, making them a great source of help 24/7.

As you can see, hiring a Virtual Assistant is not so bad after all, its an investment worth considering. Many business owners continue to experience the increasing benefits of going virtual with your administrative needs. Increase the value of your business in this new technology driven age.

If you can relate to anything in this article, or even have the desire to explore how hiring a Virtual Assistant can help you in your business, contact CollabVA and discuss with our VA Expert about your administrative needs today!





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