How To Build Customer Retention During a Pandemic

A lot of companies shy away from marketing their product or service during a time of crisis but if you thoroughly understand the behaviors of your customers you’ll know how to adjust your marketing according to their needs during that time.

There are 3 types of behaviors your customers adapt during a crisis:

Complete Stop

This group is the most vulnerable and sit amongst the hardest hit financially. During a crisis, they are very likely to reduce all types of spending by eliminating, postponing, decreasing, or substituting purchases. Most lower-income customers typically fall into this segment, anxious higher-income customers can as well, especially if health or income circumstances change for the worse.

Here are a few tips to adjust your marketing for this type of customer:

1. Offer smaller pack sizes for less money.

2. Promote low-cost value products.

3. Offer D-I-Y alternatives.

Slow & Steady Wins The Race

These types of customers tend to be optimistic about the long term but less confident about the prospects for recovery in the immediate future or their ability to maintain their standard of living. Like the complete stop customer, they decrease spending in all areas, though less aggressively. They include the great majority of households unscathed by unemployment, representing a wide range of income levels. As news gets worse, the slow and steady customers can easily navigate to a complete stop customer.

Here are a few tips to adjust your marketing for this type of customer:

1. Promote bonus packs to encourage stockpiling.

2. Emphasize the dependability of the product or service.

3. Reward loyal customers.

Comfortable and Stable

These customers feel secure about their ability to ride out current and future crises. Though they tend to be a little more selective about their purchases. They consist primarily of people in the top 5% income bracket. It can also include those who are less wealthy but feel confident about the stability of their finances.

Here are a few tips to adjust your marketing for this type of customer:

1. Continue awareness advertising.

2. Emphasize outstanding quality.

3. Advertise what they are missing out on by waiting to purchase.

Understanding who your customer is and how their behaviors change is the best way to maintain the relationship they have with your brand, even when times get rough.

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