Navigating Your Customer Experience During COVID-19

Designers, universities, events, and brands with products to launch are taking their activities online as coronavirus forces the companies to consider replacing real-world interactions with virtual alternatives. What about companies who have already been serving their customers?

Below we have created a shortlist of ways you can continue to provide world-class customer service during this world-shaking epidemic.

1. Establish ways for your customers to connect with you digitally.

Allowing your community to communicate with you digitally is a great way to ensure their questions are being address and they feel supported. You can establish communication via social media, website, and text messaging.

2. Explore outsourcing daily tasks.

Find a Virtual Firm or company that can manage daily tasks such as email management, customer phone calls, data entry and more. This will allow you to keep your business running and stay on top of those tasks that could fall behind due to not being physically in the office. Your customers are greatly impacted when the business falls behind.

3. Keep Your Customers Informed.

Communicating regularly with your customers regarding the status of your business will allow you to keep any concerns at bay. Most consumers want to feel that the brands they are loyal to care about their wellbeing. Sending out email updates or updates on social media allows your customers to stay informed and feel connected with the brand.

Have you updated your current customers on the status of your business since the coronavirus epidemic?

World-class customer service during a time like this is EXTREMELY important for building retention and nourishing relationships.

If you have a business that sells a product or provides a service that requires you to physically contact your customers, we have a gift for you!

Click here to access our FREE COVID-19 Customer Email Template.





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