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By now every entrepreneur should be aware of the time-saving support they receive from outsourcing tasks to a reliable Virtual Assistant (if you're not, be sure to read How A VA Can Increase Profitability), but did you know that hiring a VA could help you generate and follow up with leads for your business? Below are a few ways this can be done!

1. Researching Leads

First thing to do is to provide your virtual assistantm with a profile of your ideal client. Then, they will use tools like search engines, social media, and exclusive groups to find these prospects. Before spending time and money courting potential clients and customers, ask your VA to conduct online research to determine how your services or products may interest and support current leads. Knowing more about a lead, such as the their rank within a company, what school they went to, mutual assocations, etc. can usually help you get the upperhand and tell you if the lead is worth pursuing or not. Besides, What’s the point of having a hundred new leads if most of them don’t result in new business?

2. Delegating Tasks

There are a number of ways virtual assistants can help you with lead generation, depending on your business model and marketing strategy. Generally, VAs are already trained and experienced in many different fields, so you can select someone with experience in the work that you do. The key to delegating tasks is to start small and ramp up the complexity of the tasks as you get to feel your VA’s capability.

For Example here is a task you can delegate that will help you better organize your leads:

Building a lead contact database complete with full names, phone numbers, email addresses, business websites, and physical business addresses will help maintain regular contact with potential clients and customers. Your VA can complete this task as well as create focused email lists to market to. This allows you to send mass emails in a more personalized way based on your sales strategy.

As more leads come and others go, your VA can keep this list up to date by maitaining it on a regular basis.

3. Contacting Leads

Most Virtual Assistants are equipped with good communication skills and have no problem contacting your potiental clients/customers. To better streamline this process, give clear instructions on how to contact prospects by giving them scripts and templates or asking them to customize one.

After creating lead generation funnels and building relationships on social media, it is important to maintain regular contact with viable leads to remain top of mind. Having your VA manage tasks that create regular communication with your leads, such as a monthly newsletter, will keep these valuable relationships intact. If your VA maintains your email, social media posts, and direct mail marketing, this will be more than enough to keep new and existing clients and customers aware of your products or services.

So when hiring a VA to help you increase your flow of business leads, it’s important to find a person with brilliant people skills and extensive experience. CollabVA has these individuals that bring high quality and skill to the virtual world, please read on for more great tips.

4. Marketing Your Brand

Develop marketing materials

A VA can be a tremendous help in developing marketing material for your campaigns. They can create relevant blog posts; marketing materials such as posters, copy ads, eBooks, and content that you can then distribute to drive traffic and move the leads down the sales funnel. Depending on the specific skills and experience your VA has, they may also be able to design webpages or graphics, and much more.  

Assign other tasks!

Yes, you can absolutely hand over some time consuming tasks to your Virtual Executive Assistant, as a matter of fact, we encourage you to. This allows you to allocate more time to lead generation, which will bring you a return on investment. They can easily cover everyday, repetitive tasks related to your business, such as social media management, answering calls/emails, and/or bookkeeping for example.

Chances are, you have several methods of gathering leads, this alone can easily be a full-time job! So instead of trying to manage this task, why not hire a virtual assistant to do the bulk of the work for you?

Below is a take-away list of task that you could start assigning to your VA today:

  1. Manage email lists and drip campaigns

  2. Dedicate three days per month to cold call customers

  3. Responding to comments and queries on social media pages

  4. Contacting prospective clients and customers directly by email or phone

  5. Monitor social media and other online content at the beginning of each day to ensure a quick response.

  6. Create an email sequence that sends correspondence to your leads from your lead generating funnels

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