Now Here's A Little Story All About How...

Alot of times when asked, how I got started, I am almost tempted to go into this long drawn out story of my years of success as an Executive Assitant, etc. When I really think to the core of “Our Story”, I realize I was someone who saw a need in the world of Entrepreneurs, and that led me to the journey of discovering that I was the answer to the need I noticed.

The need I recongized was, the need for community, the need for partnership, and the need for a collaborative effort between the Assistant and the one who needed assistance. Over the years, I am noticing this relationship has become very transactional, elimination the opportunity for true magic to happen.

CollabVA’s story is the story of a person who saw the magic that can be made when two people take their strengths, join forces, and collaborate to accomplish the same purpose, vision, or dream.





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