What You Need To Know: Adjusting to The New IG Algorithms

Doing it for the gram is about to change. At least, when you do it, it won't be to show off how many likes you can obtain. Instagram says the reason for this update is to have users concentrate on their posts and interacting with the app rather than likes, and deleting pictures/posts. It’s important to note that likes will not be disappearing altogether – rather, they will just be hidden to followers, but users will still be able to view how many likes they’ve received on a post with just a couple taps.

The real question we have all been wondering is, how does this affect small business owners who use IG to gain exposure for their brand? Here are a few ways this might affect your marketing:

1. The fact that your “like count” is out of sight means that the focus is on your content, rather than a number and you are no longer guided by the "best times to post".

2. This will be a true measure of if your content is good and resourceful or not. If you rely on social media for your brand to be seen you will now have to adjust and figure out more ways to interact with your audience.

The key to making this change work in your favor is for you to focus on increasing engagement in the comments and view generating posts that can keep you relevant on IG. When your followers comment you get a feel of what they really like and dislike, and this allows you to be brutally honest. Making these changes will keep you relevant, especially if you are consistently uploading.

Consistency is going to be extremely important! This may be a great time to consider hiring someone who can help you stay consistent and develop more engaging and interactive content that will generate more comments and engagement for your post since likes will no longer be a primary measure of how much exposure you are receiving.

Our Marketing Team here at CollabVA can collaborative with you on creating and managing unique content for your brand that is exactly what your audience is looking for. We will also set up a measure to track your traffic on IG, so you know what content is working, as well, doing so can produce dramatic results for your business.

We are moving into a season where quality is taking over and quantity is becoming less important and we must adapt. Don't get left behind, schedule your consultation call with us today!

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